At any given time, you should have 10+ open conversations with potential new clients

We build easy to manage and realistic outbound sales strategies for small businesses.

The right pitch, to the right prospect, at the right time, will keep new clients coming through your doors.

Here's What Our Clients Say 

"I could never get into a groove with sales. Every time I started doing some outreach I'd just get bogged down by other work and defaulted back to my old way of doing things"

- Benji Kahn, Owner at BKLogistics & Consulting

"Rein Takers can help take your business to the next level. As the owner of a small consulting firm, I rarely have time to drum up leads for my business. I came across Rein Takers and decided to let them generate leads for us. My business easily averages $100K in sales a month and it’s safe to say that about 60% of it is from Rein Takers. They provide quality leads, relevant to our business so there is little to no wastage. Any business looking to truly up their game should give them a call immediately!"

- Owner @ A Fast Growing Consulting Firm

"My consultancy firm was having trouble generating leads organically. A friend told me about Rein Takers so I thought I’d give them a try. I just gave them a brief about my business and they knew exactly what is lacking in our approach for lead generation. With Rein Takers, I started getting 7-8 quality leads a week, with an 80% response rate and a 25-30% conversion rate. Two thumbs up for the team!"

- Owner @ Premium Consulting Services Start-up

"I could not be happier than I am with the impact partnering with Rein Takers has had on my consultancy firm. I was on the verge of closing down the business when I met one of their account managers at a seminar. Rein Takers came to the rescue and just took over and started providing us with high-quality leads. We have increased our revenue by 110% in the last quarter in comparison to the previous, all thanks to them. Within two months, my business generated over $100K in sales. All thanks to Rein Takers!"

Founder @ Digital Marketing Software Firm

"Rein Takers knows the prospecting business. They have been helping my marketing agency for over four months now and since we signed them up our sales have increased by 50%. Due to their exceptional service, we consider them more like an extension of our company rather than a third-party. I can’t praise the team enough for what it has done for our business! If you are serious about growing your business, consider Rein Takers to take over your sales prospecting."

- Co-owner @ Inbound Marketing Agency

"The consultancy industry took a hit during COVID-19. Most businesses were looking to forgo such services. A few months into the pandemic and my business was close to bankruptcy. After scrambling to find a lead generation company online, I came across Rein Takers. They went to work immediately, turning around leads just a few days later. One of which turned out to be a $15K sale. I can’t thank the team enough for all the work they have done so far and how they brought my business back to life when I had lost all hope. Rein Takers is more than just a lead generation firm, they are saviors!"

- Owner @ Boutique Consulting Firm


Your Clients are Other Businesses

Your products or services help businesses move faster, get more done, or pursue growth. Our system is not built for the B2C space.

Your Target Market is Large

Your skills and expertise are not limited by a small region or niche industry.

Your Deal Size is at Least $2,000

Your minimum contract generates at least $2,000 in revenue, and therefore gives you large enough profit margins to succeed in outbound sales.

Our team has been building repeatable and profitable sales machines for nearly a decade.

After closing just 1-2 deals, our clients typically see massive ROI. We are the most cost efficient “growth hack” for small businesses.

If you like the idea of systematically reaching out to your prospects with a data-backed and relatively hands-off approach, we’d be a partnership worth exploring.